JAVA 1.8.191 and EngageOne Vault, EngageOne Server and EngageOne Deliver

Product Feature: Deployment / Configuration
The documentation for the above products state that JAVA 1.8.25 is supported, but any version of JAVA 1.8 later than this can be implemented without any impact on functionality.

To upgrade JAVA in all three products:

EngageOne Server
1. Stop all EO services installed in their environment.
2. Uninstall the existing Java version.
3. Install the new Java version.
4. Modify file, changing path to Java Runtime Environment (parameter java.home). Path to new Java version has to be provided instead of the path to uninstalled old version.
5. Re-configure all bundles present in the environment.
6. Start all bundles in the right order (security, core, all the rest).
7. Do all the sanity checks.

IMPORTANT: Avoid uninstalling all EngageOne bundles and installing them again. It is only necessary to run the installation scripts with –configure flag, no need to run it before with –install flag.

All above steps have to be performed on all the nodes in clustered environment.

EngageOne Deliver
1. JAVA_HOME and path variables need to be updated(environment variables) after Java version upgrade.
2. In the tomcat, check catalina.bat/sh(inside \apache-tomcat-..\bin..) file, if JAVA_HOME is set to some old path then update this with updated java home/path.

EngageOne Vault
1. Install new version of java and set JAVA_HOME environment variable to new path.
2. If SSL is used for secure transfer you should also set path to truststore that sometimes is located in java folder. For details look at SSL configuration in documentation

UPDATED:  September 3, 2019