Populating ZIP + 4 Software Name, Version and Release on the Verimove monthly CSL report

Products Affected:  CODE-1 Plus, Verimove
When running external CASS using CODE-1 Plus, the USPS requires the ZIP + 4 Software Name, ZIP + 4 Software Version, ZIP + 4 Directory (Data) Release on the monthly CSL reports.  These fields will automatically get populated when specifying a 250-byte output location in the CODE-1 Plus AM OUT parameter in position 72-74.  This location on the output file will contain 250 bytes of additional information for use with Verimove. 

In Verimove, enter the output position you have defined in AM OUT to your job definition (replace xxx):
                <FieldType>CASS - Detail Result Indicators</FieldType>

UPDATED:  January 16, 2020