Installing the printer driver on the AddressRight 200

Products affected: AddressRight® 200 Printer

Before you begin, make sure that the USB or network cables are connected to the printer and your computer, and that the printer is turned on.

  1. Download the latest printer driver from the Pitney Bowes website.
  2. Open the folder into which you downloaded the printer driver.
  3. Select and double-click Setup.exe. The Add, Update or Delete Printer window opens.
  4. Click Add New Printer.
  5. Click Next.
  6. The Connect Printer window opens. Make sure the printer is plugged in and turned on and that it is connected by USB, network, or WiFi to your computer. Click Yes.
  7. When prompted to install the printer, click Yes.
  8. When prompted for the Printer name, unless another printer has the same name on your system or network, leave the name as is and click Next.
  9. Click Finish to complete the installation.
  10. In Devices and Printers, check that the printer is available and active.
  11. On the printer's touchscreen, tap Tools, thenNetwork.
  12. Select Network Setup to enter the settings for connecting the printer to your network. Uncheck the DHCP box. This will ensure that the printer's IP address won't change each time the printer is turned off.

Once the printer driver is installed, you are ready to start printing. The printer can be operated via the Control Panel touchscreen or through the printer driver loaded on your computer.

UPDATED:  March 26, 2020