MapInfo Pro 2019 and understanding Save Directories for the new query script .mbs files

Product affected: Mapinfo Pro™
Product Feature: Queries and Selections

When MapInfo Pro (2019 and later) users change Directory locations for things such as Workspaces, Tables and SQL Query .qry files, the changes appear immediately.

The exception is the new "Saved Scripts" directory location.

When users change the Directory location for these .mbs SQL Script files,
(via Pro > Options > Directories), the change is not enabled until the user closes and re-opens MapInfo Pro.

When users close and re-open MapInfo Pro, changes are written to the mapinfopro.pref file and 
then the new Saved Scripts directory will be utilized.

When editing the directory location for Saved Scripts, be sure to close and re-open MapInfo Pro.
UPDATED:  February 10, 2020