Reducing the number of outage notifications for Location Intelligence APIs

Products Affected: Location Intelligence APIs
To reduce the number of outage notification emails received when there are problems with any of the Location Intelligence APIs, such as GeoCode, Geo911, GeoTax, MapMarker Online, etc., follow the process outlined here.

- Navigate to this link:

-Click the "Subscribe To Updates" link as shown in the screen shot.
User-added image

- Enter the user's email used for accessing the LI APIs, and the page should list the current subscriptions. Proceed to removing the subscriptions that are not applicable and to reduce the number of notifications being received. 

Only choose from within the "Locate API" section for the APIs desired and being accessed from within the list for notifications. 

Most customers don't check all of the products to avoid getting all or unnecessary notifications that are not relevant to what their company uses.
UPDATED:  February 27, 2020