MapInfo Pro 2019.1 Highlights

Products Affected: MapInfo Pro™ 2019.1
Highlights of the release:
Python Language Support:  Python 3.7.6 x64 is installed with MapInfo Pro in the installation directory in the Python37 folder. MapInfo Pro uses the PythonNet implementation to interact with the Python environment and allow interop between .NET and Python. Multiple modules (numpy, scipy, seaborn, pandas, matplotlib, osgeo, ptvsd, mi_py_debugger) are preinstalled and can be used out of the box. Installation of additional modules is supported as well. "Run Application" MapBasic statement now supports executing *.py files.

Improvements in Select By Location Dialog:  now you can specify the name of the results table, have an option to display results in a new Browser window, add results to topmost Map window, add color override to results added to the map, find results in a Map or Browser window and execute the query without changing current selection.

Quick Search:  if you are connected to internet, MapInfo Marketplace content is now searchable.

Save/Restore AddIN Ribbon Controls on QAT:  Using the IRibbon.SaveRibbonState() and IRibbon.LoadRibbonState() methods, you can save or restore a control added to the ribbon to the QAT.

4K Monitor support:  Improved dialog listbox scaling on 4K monitor.

Heat Maps:  on the Heatmap dialog box, we have added the Select Column option to enable you to specify the column from the input table that will be used to weighting calculations on a column value.

Updates in the Raster Calculator tool:  we have added more functions to the Calculator tool to support bitwise operations. These functions can be applied to unsigned integers.

Enhancements in the Raster Contour Dialog Box: we have added Match Colors to Input checkbox on the main panel of the Contour dialog box. This checkbox is used for coloring the contour lines/polygons according to the color scheme of the input raster.

UPDATED:  April 6, 2020