Using Verimove to process 2 or more moves within a timeframe of 18 months or less

Product Affected: Verimove
Product Feature: NCOAlink
When several moves occur for an individual/family/business within 18 months or less, the NCOALink data used with Verimove, attempts to link the various stages of the moves to the latest address.  For instance, if two moves have occurred within 18 months (A=original address; B=first move; C=second move), two change of address (COA) requests should have been submitted: 


If only A->B and B->C COA’s were submitted, Verimove will not go through a second look-up to see if a B->C move has been reported.

In order to process these types of COA’s, it is recommended to run the input through Verimove a second time to see if possible B->C moves exist. The only limitation is processing time and the Verimove requirement of a minimum number of 100 records to run a job.
UPDATED:  April 17, 2020