Collecting Spectrum debug dump

Product Affected: Spectrum Technology Platform
Product Feature: Performance
Spectrum version 2018.2 has a new functionality which is called DebugManager which contain all necessary log files, a thread dump, folder listings, information about the machine.
This should be configured before replicating the issues.

Steps to create debug dump:
  1. Navigate to jmx console (where hostname is the Spectrum server name)
  2. Find com.pb.spectrum.platform.common:manager=DebugManager and select it
  3. Click on the invoke button next to 'dump'
  4. Replicate the issues and collect the generated archive file in server/app/exports/dumps
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The main limitation to it is that the server has to be running, so it is not useful when a customer can't start the server.
There are plans to create a CLI version of this utility to gather similar information for a server that is not running.
UPDATED:  April 22, 2020