Creating an InfoTool for a web application using VB.Net MapXtreme

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1. Add the InfoToolControl to the ToolbarControl.
2. Select the properties for the InfoToolControl.
3. View the events for the InfoToolControl by selecting the lightning bolt.
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4. Double click on the InfoRetrieved Event.
5. In the InfoToolControl1_InfoRetrieved method, add the following code:
VB.Net Code:
1. Add the InfoToolControl to the ToolbarControl.
2. Add this line of code to the Page_Init function:
AddHandler InfoToolControl1.InfoRetrieved, AddressOf InfoToolControl1_InfoRetrieved
3. Add this function to the code:
Private Sub InfoToolControl1_InfoRetrieved(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As MapInfo.Web.UI.WebControls.InfoToolEventArgs)


For Each fc As MapInfo.Data.ITableFeatureCollection In e.Features
For Each f As MapInfo.Data.Feature In fc
'It is possible to use either an index or the column name of the information desired to be retrieved
End Sub

UPDATED:  September 13, 2019