Open ports and firewall exceptions on the SendPro® C, SendPro®+ (8H10)

Products affected: SendPro® C, SendPro®+ (8H10)

These URLs must be accessible from the device, without any obstructions. This includes being free of any SSL packet inspection, web filtering devices or software monitoring. Unless indicated otherwise, these URLs apply to SendPro C425 (Product Code Number 8H10).

To locate the (1)Product Code Number (PCN) and the (2)7-digit serial number, check the label on the rear of the meter or under the display cover as shown here. Note that the serial number is blurred out here for security reasons.


Required URLs

Recommended URLs

We recommend these URLs are left open, but if this presents a security issue, they can remain blocked. They are enabled by default.

Support Remote Access

TeamViewer is an application that lets Pitney Bowes Service access your device remotely, when you authorize it. (A TeamViewer session can only be initiated by someone on your end, therefore the system cannot be accessed without your knowledge.)

There are two ways to unblock TeamViewer:

  • General unblocking of Port 5938 TCP for outgoing connections (recommended). Port 5938 is only used by a few applications and therefore there is no security risk. This traffic should be filtered or cached.
  • Unblocking URLs of the following formats (to any server) GET:
    • /din.aspx?s=…&client=DynGate…GET
    • /dout.aspx?s=…&client=DynGate…POST
    • /dout.aspx?s=…&client=DynGate…

Note: Regardless of which method you choose to unblock TeamViewer, verify there are no content filters or anything similar blocking one of these URLs:

  • *
  • *
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UPDATED:  September 17, 2019