EngageOne Content Author - can HIM file in an EngageOne message file be used with standard Generate

Product Feature: Build / Publish

If a host in EngageOne® Content Author is set to be valid for EngageOne:

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When the Message Publishing (extract and deploy) process is run, it creates three separate components.  One is a HIM file, but this does not contain any resources or metrics, it simply contains the composition instructions for the content of the message.  It also contains a device zip file (or files depending on how many devices are selected during the build process) which contains all the relevant metrics and resources, and a message_master.xml file that contains information about the message names contained in the HIM file, the fonts and images in use in the messages, and the name of the message area(s).

The HIM file from this process cannot be extacted and used with standard EngageOne Generate.  If this is attempted, the user would receive messages about missing resources\metrics.

If a HIM file is to be created for use with standard EngageOne Generate, then the "This Host will be used with" option needs to be set to Generate.
UPDATED:  October 3, 2019