Sealing Envelopes on the SendPro C Auto

Products affected: SendPro® C Auto (9H00)

You can seal envelopes whether you are printing postage on the envelopes or only sealing the envelopes (no postage). 

  1. Check the level of sealing solution by checking the sight window on the front of the feeder deck.
  2. Place the envelopes with the flap side facing down and the top edge against the rear wall.
  3. Make sure the seal/no seal lever is set to the seal position (all the way to the left).
  4. Envelope seal lever

  5. Place the envelopes on the feed deck and tap the Start button on the Print on Envelopes screen.
Note: If the moistener tank is full and your envelopes do not seal correctly, clean or replace the moistener brush and wick.

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UPDATED:  May 21, 2020