MapInfo Professional and using the Universal Translator to translate from .TAB to .SHP

Product affected: MapInfo Professional™
Start MapInfo Professional and then launch the Universal Translator (also called the FME Quick Translator).
(These screenshots are from MapInfo Professional 15.0 32-bit but the basic process is identical in the 64-bit versions of MapInfo Pro)
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Here is the FME Quick Translator interface (also called the Universal Translator)
Click on the icon "translate Data" at top left or go to File>Translate Data

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The file(s) to be translated, and the current format is selected at top of dialog.
Here is a translation dialog from .tab to .shp ready to go

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Once OK is selected, the translation takes place and the translated files will be found in the designated

A LOG file is also generated that will indicate success or failure and (usually) why there were errors.
Please forward this log to Tech Support for troubleshooting translation errors.

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UPDATED:  December 3, 2019