Accessing GeoPackage tables in MapInfo Pro 15.2.2

From v15.2.2 MapInfo Pro supports GeoPackage (GPKG) format files and you can open GeoPackage tables in MapInfo Pro.
Support for GeoPackage tables is similar to that for SQLite table support in MapInfo Pro.

Steps to access GeoPackage tables:

1. On the HOME tab, in the File group, from the Open list, click Table to open the Open dialog box.
2. In the Open dialog box, from the Files of type list, select GeoPackage (*.gpkg).
3. From the Look in list, select the folder location of the GeoPackage that you want to access.
4. From the list of files, select the GeoPackage to open.
5. In Select One or More Tables to Open dialog box, select the tables within the GeoPackage that you want to open.
6. You can change the style using the Style command, or can also set a different destination path using the Options command.
7. Click OK to open the selected tables.

Further information is in the MapInfo Pro 15.2.2 Release Notes.
UPDATED:  June 27, 2019