How to determine the current support policy for Mail360 Data Manager and Mail360 Server and Microsoft SQL Server 2014 as of May 2017

Currently, Mail360 Data Manager (ver. 3.1.0) and Mail360 Server (ver. 2.1) are certified and supported on Microsoft® SQL Server® 2012 Enterprise Edition.
Neither Mail360 Data Manager 3.1.0 or ML360 Server 2.1 has been tested/certified on Microsoft
® SQL Server 2014,
and therefore performance, etc. cannot be predicted.
As stated in the Installation Guides for both applications, the newest SQL Server version supported is SQL Server 2012 Enterprise Edition.
Support for Microsoft
® SQL Server 2014 for those applications is planned for the next release of Mail360 Data Manager (ver. 4.0), which is currently being scheduled for Q1 2017.
UPDATED:  May 9, 2017