How to add the ruler on the top and left hand side of the layout window in 64-bit versions of MapInfo Pro

Products Affected: MapInfo Pro
Versions Affected: 64-bit
The ruler used in the Layout window (attached below) in the 32-bit versions of MapInfo Pro is not available in 64-bit version of MapInfo Pro.
User-added image

To replicate the same in 64-bit versions of MapInfo Pro, the recommendation would be to setup the grid to the desired size and adjust margins accordingly. (example below)

User-added image
You can change the grid size to display in other units by going into Options> System Setting Preferences.
Also, please note that the grid starts at the margins (not the edge) of the paper.

If the users are on v12.5 and v15.2 and they would like to use the same functionality, they have an option to install the 32-bit version of same version of MapInfo Pro using the same Serial number and Access code.
UPDATED:  November 3, 2017