How to distinguish the differences between VeriMove and VeriMove Express

Product Feature: Using the Products

Operating System: all

  • VeriMove is licensed with Internal CASS engine – Finalist vs. VeriMove Express licensed without Internal CASS engine.
  • Technically VeriMove and VeriMove Express are the exact same product in regard to how Product Development builds it.
  • Both "VeriMove" and "VeriMove Express include the installation GUI
    • Primary Reason - Allows use of GUI to create Job Definition Files for non-Windows platforms.
    • This has always been the case, however, as starting from version 3.5 we allowed the usage of non-Windows directory and file paths to be directly editable in the GUI and exportable, for transfer to the target platform.
    • NOTE: MVS users needed Windows install to explode their data and use the upload program to transfer the exploded NCOA Database.  The "Explode" process takes raw USPS data and converts to usable NCOA Database format.
    • The directory paths are ignored in the Job defs for MVS users, as they are setup in the JCL running on that platform
    • The use of the GUI interface on Windows however makes it easier to change Input/Output fields, or General setup options which apply across all platforms, etc.
  • VeriMove purchase represents VeriMove with a CASS engine which is and enabled Finalist and VeriMove Express is purchased without an internal enabled CASS engine. And therefore VeriMove Express is sold at a considerably lower price point.
  • We do not build a special version without an "Internal" CASS engine (Finalist)
  • VeriMove & VeriMove Express when a customer purchases either version - they are shipped the exact same product and ultimately install the exact same product
  • The difference to a customer (as far as they know) they are different products, for us it's a difference in rather they are sent the "Finalist" Key (aka CASS Key, along with the DPV and LACS Keys)
  • A VeriMove Express customer could change from External CASS to “Internal” CASS, which would make it the "VeriMove" version and vice versa very easily with the same install product;
  • For VeriMove Internal CASS users, they would need a minimum of 4 Keys - the USPS CASS Databases, CASS Keys (CASS, DPV and LACS Keys) and the NCOALink Key.
  • For VeriMove Express External CASS users, they would need 1 Key - the NCOALink Key. They would also adjust whatever CASS engine they use to provide the data required for an External CASS method;
  • For VeriMove Express External CASS the user with either stand-alone Finalist or CODE-1 Plus must provide the 250-Position Detail Results Indicator Fields (parameter needed to be set-up on Finalist or CODE-1 Plus to provide this data) which during the Finalist or CODE-1 Plus is and must be added to each record every time Finalist or CODE-1 Plus process a file that is to be submitted to VeriMove Express.
NOTE: If a “VeriMove Express” Customer uses a different CASS engine than Finalist or CODE-1 Plus – they will still need to provide the 250-byte data for VeriMove Express processing.
UPDATED:  April 12, 2017