How to Create/Enable a Full Crash DUMP file in MapInfo Pro

Products affected: MapInfo Pro
When MapInfo Pro 11.0.1 was released we added a new functionality to generate a minidump file whenever a crash occurred. The minidump files generated and sent to us by customers are generally useful to pin point the origin of the crash and solve it by providing a fix for the cause of the crash.
In some cases, we get minidump files and information stored in them did not enable us to see a detailed view of the stack trace and hence findout what steps or code were being executed when the crash happened.
To try to solve these issues, we now support generating a full memory dump file so we have better chances of finding the original issue that caused a crash. This option can be enabled through the following environment variable "MI_FULLDUMP" with value 1.
WIndows 7 Instructions :
1) Go to Control Panel >>  System and Security >>  System

2) Go to Advanced System settings 

3) Advanced tab >>  Environment Variables

4) Advanced tab >> Environment Variables

5) System Variables >> New 

6) in Variable name :  MI_FULLDUMP   

7)  Variable value place : 1 

8) Press ok and close screen

UPDATED:  July 22, 2019