How to use the Coordinate Extractor tool in MapInfo Pro

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
How to use the Coordinate Extractor Tool:

This tool extracts x, y coordinates for each record in a table using a projection in the MAPINFOW.PRJ file and places them in designated columns.

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The COORDINATEEXTRACTOR.MBX tool allows the addition of two columns to an open table and updates each column with x and y coordinates in the table's native projection. For objects other that points, the x and y coordinates will represent CentroidX and CentroidY locations. Coordinates can be extracted in any projection listed in the .prj file. The Coordinate Extractor also displays current table projections and gives the option to change to a different projection.

The Coordinate Extractor tool can be used on mappable tables that contain at least one geographic object. This tool cannot be used on the following types of tables:

It is recommended to use float type columns for the coordinates. Other column types may not be able to fit all the coordinate information in the column. If selecting character columns, the coordinate values will include six digits after the decimal place.

Displaying Coordinate Data in a Browser
To use the Coordinate Extractor:

On the HOME tab, click Tools, and double-click Coordinate Extractor on the Running tab.
The Coordinate Extractor dialog box opens.

Select the table that to extract the points from.
Indicate the columns to use for the X and Y coordinates, or click the Create new columns to hold coordinates button to have the tool add the columns. When clicking this button, a dialog box displays asking to name the columns.
Select the Browse Results check box to have the results displayed in a Browser window after the operation is completed.
Click OK.

UPDATED:  October 15, 2018