Can Customized MarketMail be palletized in MailStream Plus

Product affected: MailStream Plus™, all versions, all platforms
The USPS has no rules allowing Customized MarketMail (CMM) mail to be palletized. 

DMM 243 says:
9.0 Customized MarketMail
9.2 Eligibility Standards
All pieces in a CMM mailing must:
e. Be entered at the destination delivery unit appropriate to the delivery address on the mail, under 246.5.0, or as a mailing using Priority Mail Express or Priority Mail Open and Distribute under 705.18.5 and 705.18.5.13, or as a plant-verified drop shipment (PVDS) mailing under 705.17.0. There are no minimum volumes per destination.

DMM 245
13.0 Preparing Customized MarketMail
13.5 Required Containerizing
The following standards apply to containerizing CMM pieces:
a. Bundles and single pieces to a destination must be prepared in 5-digit (or 5-digit scheme under L606), carrier route, or 5-digit carrier routes containers, with no minimum volume required for a container.
b. Bundles in drop shipment mailings under 246.2.0 and 246.5.0 must be placed in letter trays, flat trays, or sacks. Bundles in Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express Open and Distribute shipments under 705.18.5 may be placed in USPS-supplied or mailer-supplied containers.
c. The container size must be appropriate to the dimensions of the pieces, and the number of containers appropriate to the volume of pieces in the mailing.
d. If more than three types of containers are used, the mailing must be prepared using an approved manifest mailing system or other postage payment system approved by the manager, Business Mailer Support. Each mailing using mailer-supplied containers must include sample containers for tare weight calculations

So for that type of mail, it has to be taken to the DDU facility, or shipped there using a 'Priority Mail' option.

Since there are no USPS rules allowing CMM mail to be palletized, MSP does not allow palletization to be selected. 

(DMM references as-of July 2019)
UPDATED:  July 17, 2019