How to understand why MapMarker installations shared by others on a network option are no longer available with version 29

products affected: MapMarker™

The MapMarker installation option known as, "shared by others on a network" or a "shared client installation" is no longer available starting with version 29. 

The option to install on a server and have clients map a drive to the install to run the "clientsetup" is no longer available or necessary due to the separation of the installation of the software and data components starting with v.29.

Here is the process to set up that option using version 29 of MapMarker.  This should be performed by an IT Administrator who has sufficient permission to perform the installation:

  • Download the TomTom Geocoding DB (KGD072016) and extract to a folder on the server and run the MapMarkerUSATomTomSetup.exe from the extracted folder to install the data only on the server.
  • On each client, first map a drive to the folder on the server to where the data was installed.
  • Download the MapMarker_v29 software, extract to folder and run the setup to install individual clients on each machine
  • During the install, the default path to the software installation can be used (c:\program files (x86)\MapInfo\MapMarker_USA_v29
  • Then, after that dialog, the default path where the data will be installed is presented. At this dialog, click "browse" and select to the MAPPED drive that points to the folder where the data was installed on the server.
  • If an IT Admin doesn't want to install each client separately, they can run the software install as a silent install and roll out to each client making sure to use the mapped drive path to the data on the server.  Installing silently is outlined in the "MapMarker v29.0 Installation Guide for Software and Data (PDF July 2016)" located on our website for MapMarker's documentation.  It is also outlined with specific examples for both the software and data in the Installation_Overview_For_TS.docx sent to each Techsupport rep.
UPDATED:  November 24, 2017