How to find the silent installation instructions for MapMarker™ version 29

Products affected: MapMarker™
The install guide does detail the parameters for a silent installation, but only for the Software component. Listed are specific examples for BOTH the Software and main TomTom Geocoding DB (address dictionary/streets).  These commands will work for a DEFAULT installation of both the software and data. Change paths accordingly if taking a Non-Default path.
All of these examples can be run from a cmd line by navigating to the folder for the name of the *.exe in the examples and then copy/paste the information into the dos/command window and enter.

Silently installing Software
- Without logging. 
The path to the existing license file Before installing for this example is located in:
***The file can be in any folder the customer chooses before installing and the name may vary if they have a server/developer license such as mmusa_machine_name.lic

Example -
MapMarkerUSASetup.exe -s /v"/qn LICENSE_FILE=" c:\downloads\mmusad.lic
- With Logging.
In this example, the log will be written to the root of C:
Before running the command, the license file is in c:\downloads\mmusad.lic
If desired, a folder can be specified along with the name of the log such as:
MapMarkerUSASetup.exe -s /v"/qn /l*v "C:\mm.log" LICENSE_FILE=" c:\downloads\mmusad.lic

Silently Installing the DATA –
main TomTomGeocoding DB (address dictionary/streets)
- No Log 
MapMarkerUSATomTomSetup.exe -s /v"/qn
- With Loging
In this example, the log will be written to the root of C:\ and the log file will be named mmDATA.log to distinguish it from the previous example of mm.log.
Example -
MapMarkerUSATomTomSetup.exe -s /v"/qn /l*v "C:\mmDATA.log"
UPDATED:  November 24, 2017