How to use the calculator with multiple bands in MapInfo Pro Advanced 16.0

User running MapInfo Pro Advanced 16.0 and needs to do math operations on raster data stores in multiple bands in a single .mrr format file.
Using example below, how can this user set  Input_1 as katrisk_59_yll_51 band 2 and Input_2 as katrisk_59_yll_51 band 3 ?

User-added image

When you enter an expression for a multi-band dataset you can reference the individual band indexes in the dataset using square bracket [] notation in the expression. Band indexes are zero based so the first band in the file is index = 0, the second band is index = 1 etc

So if you wanted to divide the 3rd band by the 4th band in a 7 band file you would create an expression as follows:

Input_1[2] / Input_1[3]

In the customers case the expression would look like this for bands 2 & 3:

Input_1[1] / Input_2[2]

Input_1 = katrisk_59_yll_51
Input_2 = katrisk_59_yll_51
UPDATED:  April 28, 2017