Verimove performance recommendations

Products Affected: VeriMove
Here are some performance tips for running standalone Verimove.

Make certain that your input is ZIP Sorted.

There are also a number of Config.ini setting recommendations:

Memory Module Options:.

Small Enhanced uses about 750 meg and works well for large files when you can't afford the memory for the large memory (about 1.7gigs with internal CASS); also works well if you have lots of records in the same first 2 digit ZIP.

Small uses about 500 meg, but is the slowest and is not good for large files. It works really well for very small files, as it can take several minutes to load all the files in the large memory model into memory. 

Large is the best for performance (NCOA Use High Memory=1) if you have 1.7 gig of free memory available.

The other option would be to add the DPV, LACS and Suitelink memory modules. The recommendation is:


NOTE: Be sure to set SmallMemEnh=0, if you use large memory model.

As far as changing the memory module to large, small or enhanced small, the DPV, LACS and Suitelink memory modules are not really linked to these settings since the products are independent of one another when it comes to memory - they do not share memory because they use separate database files. 

Anytime you can load information\files into memory you will normally see some performance improvements. There are many factors that will determine the level of performance gain and it will differ from computer to computer, list to List, but in most cases better performance is gained by loading into memory.

Also, set TraceEnabled to 0.

Pages 10-11 of the attached Installation guide provides additional information on  the NCOA Use High Memory option in the config.
UPDATED:  October 10, 2019