How to find more information about MapInfo MapBasic v16 64-bit ribbon interface and commands

Products affected: MapBasic™, MapInfo Pro™
The documentation for MapBasic™ v16.0 64 bit can now be found here and MapBasic v16.0 software can be found here
To get a better understanding of the methods from the .NET API which also includes all the MapInfo 64 bit "Ribbon" information, users should refer to the new help file in the MapBasic installation folder called ExtensibilityReferenceHelp.exe.
The RibbonLib has been created to help MapBasic developers who want to port their solution to the Ribbon interface. The RibbonLib doesn’t cover all the capabilities that are available via "iMapInfoPro.def" but the .NET SDK will allow you to access even more features.
In essence, the RibbonLib wraps the methods from the "iMapInfoPro.def" to make it easy to add controls to the ribbon, as well as help to remove the controls afterwards.

UPDATED:  December 4, 2019