How to modify ERS and Geosoft files in MapInfo Raster

When trying to modify a ERS or Geosoft file without converting it to MRR, the client may find nothing changes when colors are changed, contours made, etc.

Please check the below:
- Make sure the data is not placed at a Read Only location. Copy it to local and see if it resolved the issue.
- If above does not solve the issue, go to C:\Users\<UserName>\AppData\Roaming\MapInfo\Raster\300
and delete the two files MapInfoRasterUIPreferences.xml and MIRasterPreferences.xml and relaunch MIPro to get these files regenerated.

More likely the Client has opened the files as a Grid file type (shown below)
User-added image

Regardless of ERS or Geosoft file, open them as Raster type (shown below). This will allow edits to be made without conversion to MRR format.
User-added image
UPDATED:  October 25, 2017