How to connect Mapinfo Pro to a SAP HANA database

Products affected: MapInfo Pro™
Unfortunately MapInfo Pro does not directly support an ODBC connection to HANA.

However, if the client data can be accessed by a WFS server, MapInfo Pro can read the data from the WFS server.

However, data sitting on a HANA server tends to be quite large and WFS is likely not a practical solution. There is also no write access.

Another alternative is to use Spectrum Spatial as the WFS server. This is more efficient because Spectrum pushes the query from the the WFS request (assuming that a filter has been put in place for the WFS query) down to the HANA database and then delivers the information.

Users should reach out to their local Pre-sales\Account Manger to see if they can set something up in terms of a demonstration.
UPDATED:  November 27, 2017