How to use custom thematic templates in MapInfo Pro

MapInfo Professional has the capability to save Custom thematic templates, which can include custom legend text.

Here at step 3 of 3, click on "Legend" to enter the "Customize Legend" dialog.
Note: Specific styles and ranges can be saved for later re-use.

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Here the Range labels can be edited to suit specific needs.
Click OK, to see the edited thematic parameters, including the Range Labels.:
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The edited range labels, styles, ranges, etc. can easily be saved in order to use them later.

At step 3 of 3, click on the "Template>Save As" button to give the custom template a new name.
It is important NOT to overwrite the existing template.
Also note the "save customized legend text" dialog check box - place a check mark in that box to retain the edited thematic range text for later use.
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Now in order to use that custom edited legend range text in a subsequent thematic shade, select the custom template AND check the box at step 1 of 3 when creating a thematic shade that states "Use customized legend text".
Then create the thematic using the custom template and you should see the custom legend text as desired.

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UPDATED:  July 18, 2017