How to find the Verimove Junk Word List Table and what it is

Products Affected:  Verimove
VeriMove uses the JUNK-WORD-LIST table to identify words to ignore during Business Name Matching. These words are typically not useful for Business Name Matching purposes because the words are too common to be helpful in identifying and differentiating business name matches. This elimination of words is performed for the sole purpose of determining a Business Name Match.  This process does not alter or delete words from your input file or job output and does not extend beyond the scope of the Business Name Matching process.

On Windows, the junk word list is named JUNK-WORD-LIST.txt and is located in the Tables directory.  This file can be edited and words can be added or removed.  An example of some of the words on the junk word list is:

UPDATED:  August 15, 2017