Can MailStream Plus make a report break down of each mail piece, if it is commingled, drop-ship or co-palletized?

Product affected: MailStream Plus™, all versions, all platform
MailStream Plus™ (MSP) doesn't have a report for the break down of each mail piece, and whether it is commingled, drop-ship or co-palletized. 
It can produce reports that tell how many pieces get drop-shipped and palletized and other information, but it is for groups of pieces, not individual pieces.

In MSP, the only way to know that kind of detail for each piece is to post the desired information into each Name-Address output record using POSTxx parameters, for example, the POSTRC parameter fields.

The only MSP report that lists every piece individually is the Manifest report (REPORT MANIFEST parameter) that goes to the USPS, using the 'I' individual option.  But that is a USPS-controlled report, and only has the information per the USPS regulations for it.
UPDATED:  June 28, 2019