Printing stamp sheets in SendPro Online

Products affected: SendPro® Online

Stamps can be printed either from the SendPro Desktop Application or from the web version of SendPro Online. Stamps without a date can only be printed from the SendPro Desktop Application. Compatible printable postage stamp sheets for SendPro are available in our online shop (item #SL-SPM01).

Each stamp sheet has a unique serial number and contains 25 blank stamp stickers. SendPro keeps track of how many stamps you print with each serial number so you do not have to use the entire sheet at once.

The postage value printed is as-is and is not a USPS Forever Stamp. If USPS postal rates change, you can print a postage correction stamp which can be used in conjunction with an already printed stamp to add additional postage.

  1. From the SendPro Home screen, select Stamp Sheets & Rolls.
    SendPro Online home screen with Stamp Sheets and Rolls highlighted
  2. Select Stamp Sheet.
    SendPro Online select Stamp Sheet tile
  3. Enter the serial number of the SendPro Online stamp sheet you will print and select Accept. If you have printed stamps before, the most recently used sheet is already selected.
  4. From the Quantity menu, select the number of stamps you wish to print. The stamp sheet image shows a preview of the stamps that will print.
  5. Perform any of the optional tasks below to set up the stamps as needed.
  6. Select Print.
    • If printing from a web browser, a PDF of the stamp sheet opens in a new browser window or tab. Use your browser's print function to print this file.

Printing stamps with no date

To print stamps with no date on them, select Print without a date from the Mailing Date on Stamp menu. Stamps without a date can only be printed from the SendPro Desktop Application.

Changing the postage class or amount

From the Mailing Services / Stamp Value menu, select the value of the stamps you wish to print.

  • To choose a mail class that is not listed, select Choose another mail class, select the desired Type and Weight, and select Accept.
  • The maximum weight for a stamp is 13 ounces. To send something that weighs more than that, create a shipping label.
  • If you have the attached USB scale, you can select the scale icon to weigh the item on the scale.

Printing additional stamps with a different value

Select Add Another Stamp Value and select the number and stamp class.

Changing the stamp sheet

To use a different stamp sheet, select Switch sheet > Add a new stamp sheet.

Assigning the stamp cost to a cost account

Select the desired account from the Cost account menu at the bottom.

Adding extra services

To add extra services such as certified mail:

  1. Select Add extra services.
  2. Select the desired services.
  3. Select Accept.

Changing the mailing date

Select the desired date from the Mailing Date menu.

Printing a postage correction stamp

  1. Select Print postage correction stamp.
  2. Enter the stamp value.
  3. Select Add this value.

Entering notes for your transaction history

Select Add memo / reference, enter the memo (up to 50 characters), and select Accept.

Changing the ZIP code the mail is being sent from

Enter the ZIP code in the Mail From This ZIP Code field at the bottom.

Marking cells as damaged

To mark cells as damaged so that they will not be printed on (for example, if a stamp was accidentally pulled off):

  1. Select Mark cells as damaged.
  2. Select the cells that are damaged.
  3. Select Remove.

Starting over

To clear the stamp selections and start over, select Remove all stamps.

Printing a test stamp sheet

Select Test Print. Test Prints are for testing alignment only and do not use postage.


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UPDATED:  November 23, 2020