Keeping a record of the number of vehicles leaving each zone in Paramics

Product Feature: Modeller
Matrix tuning level is an integer value, either 1 or 2. OD matrix tuning is a method where a record is kept of the number of vehicles leaving each zone, and this figure is steered towards the actual figure specified in the demands file as the demand period comes to an end. For large networks there will be a performance penalty associated with selecting this option. The default value is 0 or off. 
  • None = standard demand distribution
  • Level1 = rechecks release rates and will increase the chances of the exact demand being reached for the OD pair during the simulation but may be a few vehicles over/under the value specified.
  • Level2 = does a precise checking during the simulation and will release exactly the number of vehicles specified in the demand
PS: if the exact number is not released with level2 then increase the Timesteps. If the timesteps are low then there are less opportunities for the simulation to recalculate the correct release rate, ie. if the number of vehicles is close to the demand level then the simulation will recalculate on each timestep, if a low number of vehicles are still required then few timesteps may result in not enough opportunities to release the required vehicles
UPDATED:  October 16, 2019