Let GsMultipleGet return same result as GsDataGet when only one match is returned

Product affected: Geostan
In Geostan™, GsDataGet and GsMultipleGet return different kinds of information. GsDataGet returns a fully matched and standardized result for the input address. GsMultipleGet only returns the raw information from the data record that is being considered for the match. We don't match specifically on unit numbers, we match on unit number ranges, so matching candidate records do not have a specific unit number being considered for a match, which is why this field is blank for GsMultipleGet. If you want to return fully standardized results for a multiple match you need to take the output received from GsMultipleGet and perform a GsFindWithProps, followed by a GsDataGet to return the fully matched and standardized results.
UPDATED:  March 28, 2017