How to format an input address for geocoding

Products affected: GeoStan™, AddressBroker™, Centrus® Desktop, GeoTAX® Matrix™, GeoTAX® Premium
For geocoding an address using any of the geocoding application products the address needs to be formatted according to United States Postal Service (USPS™) guidelines. An input address is required to have at least the following elements: 

• A street address that has at least a house number and a street name 
• Either a city and state, or a ZIP Code. 

Street address elements include: House Number, Prefix Direction, Street Name, Street Type, Postfix
Direction, Unit Type, and Unit Number. Last line address elements include City, State, ZIP Code,
and ZIP + 4. Not all addresses contain all elements.

NOTE: The Centrus™ geocoding products also supports the USPS Delivery Point Validation (DPV) and the Locatable
Address Conversion System process (LACSLink). For information on adding this functionality, contact your Pitney Bowes customer representative.
UPDATED:  April 6, 2017