How to complete the transition from FTP to PDX with USPS for SendSuite Live, SendSuite Xpress and Ascent

Products affected: SendSuite® Live, SendSuite® Xpress, Ascent™
Once the Business Customer Gateway (BCG) and Shipping System have been configured for Postal Data Exchange (PDX), the final step of the conversion process requires contacting USPS Delivery Confirmations Department and requesting the Transmission Type In and Out be set to Web Services. The request must be sent via email from the BCG user's email to and must contain the Company Name and Mailer ID (MID) requesting the change.

Below is a sample request:
Subject: Converting from FTP to PDX
Dear USPS,
For [ABC Company] with Mailer ID [##########], please set the Transmission Type In and Out to Web Services.
UPDATED:  August 30, 2017