Increasing memory when EngageOne Designer fails with "out of memory" opening a publication

Product Feature: Designer

When opening a large pubication, which could involve either one that contains extremely complex programming, or a publication that contains multiple documents, an "out of memory" message is encountered, and the user cannot open the publication.

There is no mechanism within Designer to increase memory allocation, and as Designer is a 32bit process, it can only access the maximum amount of memory that can be allocated to a single process which is approximately 2gb (even if you are running Designer on a 64bit operating system).

It is possible to modify the memory settings within the PC itself, using the following setting:

User-added image

Once the paging file size has been increased, restart the PC to release any memory in use and reload the publication. 

If it still fails with "out of memory", then it could potentially be caused by large sample data attached to the publication so may be resolved by changing this for a smaller data file.  This can be achieved by importing a small data file with the same name as that attached to the publication, which will overwrite the existing sample data file.

In earlier versions of product, the memory handling was not as efficient as it is in the later versions, so upgrading the software may also resolve the situation.

If none of these steps enable the successful opening of the publication, please contact, providing either a snapshot of the publication, or a full repository backup.
UPDATED:  June 11, 2018