Controlling user access on the License Server Utility for Concurrent Licensing in MapInfo Professional

Products affected: MapInfo Professional
System administrators may control user access from client machines (MapInfo) to the License Server Utility.

The "unisw20.opt" file is used to invoke a rule set application to users, hosts, groups of user, groups of hosts or everyone.

More information can be found on page 30 of the installation guide

Using the example scenario for preventing multiple users within the same group from using MapInfo simultaneously. Please see the following:
USER username1 username2
GROUP group1 username1 username2

This is the default header record that is contained within the original file.

USER username1 username2
This allows you to specify the username of the account you wish to control. This is as it appears within the License Server Utility log file, which is typically the AD user account used when opening MapInfo on the client machine. The syntax is a list of usernames separated with a space. The usernames are case sensitive.

GROUP group1 username1 username2
This allows you to create a group or groups of users. The syntax is the group name (no spaces) followed by the list of users (specified above this) that you would like to place in this particular group.

This allows you to specify the maximum number of licences that may be used within a specified group, for the specified product. In this case it's MapInfo v15.and for each user in group1. The syntax is the number of licences followed by the product (this can be found in the License Server Utility Log, but typically follows the same principle. MapInfo v12.5 is MAPINFO.PROFESSIONAL.1250, the Runtime version of this is MAPINFO.PROFESSIONAL.RT.1250), followed by the group you wish to control.

UPDATED:  December 4, 2019