Licensing MapInfo RouteFinder v5 64-bit version

MapInfo RouteFinder V5
The professional version of MapInfo RouteFinder comes with a personalized license file from software support. You need to place the .lic file in either of the following locations to activate the professional version:
  • The current user application data folder: C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\MapInfo\RouteFinder5 (where username is the Windows user).
  • The application data folder (typically C:\ProgramData\MapInfo\RouteFinder5) preferred for multi user environment.

Please reload MapInfo RouteFinder to recognize the license file. You do not need to restart MapInfo Pro to recognize the license.

Without any license file, MapInfo RouteFinder starts in "Free mode" with much reduced functionalities. The "Free mode" version has a limitation of a maximum 3000 links and generally it is only possible to do shortest and fastest routes.

UPDATED:  May 4, 2020