How to find the 1 byte presort group and 1 byte sort presort group values that are in the POSTMD position 8-10 using MailStream Plus

Product Affected:  MailStream Plus™, all versions
Operating System: All Platforms

If you refer to the POSTRC parameter, positions 20 – 22 and 36 – 36.  The codes are listed on these fields  using MailStream Plus™.
POSTRC – 20-22 Location to Post the  Presort Group Indicator
May contain the output location in which to post the 1-byte presort group indicator. If this field is not blank, it will contain one of the following indicators:
  • A Automated Presort Group
  • U Machinable Presort Group
  • C Automated Carrier Presort Group
  • E Enhanced Carrier Presort Group
  • N Non-Automated Presort Group
POSTRC position 36-38 Location to Post the Sort Presort Group Indicator May contain the output location in which to post one of the following 1-byte Sort Presort Group Indicators:
  • A Commingled pallet pieces
  • B Automation palletized pieces
  • C Machinable palletized pieces/marketing parcels over 6 oz. palletized
  • D Non-automation palletized pieces
  • E Irregular palletized pieces/marketing parcels under 6 oz. palletized
  • F Automation Carrier palletized pieces
  • G Enhanced Carrier palletized pieces
  • H Merged non-palletized pieces
  • I Automation non-palletized pieces
  • J Machinable non-palletized pieces/marketing parcels over 6 oz. nonpalletized
  • K Non-automation non-palletized pieces
  • L Irregular non-palletized pieces/marketing parcels under 6oz non-palletized
  • M Auto Carrier non-palletized pieces
  •  N Enhanced Carrier Route non-palletized pieces
  • O Periodical Carrier Route
  • V DPBC machine sort (DuoSort)
  • W Non-DPBC machine sort (DuoSort)
  • X Unqualified single-piece mailpieces
  • Z Invalid ZIP Code mailpieces

UPDATED:  June 28, 2019