How to Pack Multiple Tables in MapInfo Professional 64-bit

Products affected: MapInfo Professional 64-bit
In order to use the Advanced Pack functionality, select TABLE (tab) > Table > Advanced Pack.

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You will then be presented with the following dialog:

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You can select multiple tables in the list by holding the CTRL key on the keyboard and clicking the individual tables, or by selecting the first entry, holding the SHIFT key and selecting the last entry which will highlight all of the tables in between as well. Then select the option that is appropriate in the list and click OK.

IMPORTANT: When selecting the Advanced Pack from the menu, if the menu item says Pack instead of Advanced Pack, then check that the Tool is set to AutoLoad in the Tool extensions.

You can find this menu by selecting HOME (tab) > Tool Extensions. You can then search for Advanced Pack in the Registered tab and tick the AutoLoad checkbox. To then enable this option. double-click on Advanced Pack.

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UPDATED:  December 6, 2019