How to understand the MapInfo Pro thin black construction line modification

Product Feature: Styles/Display

A customer asks if the thin black "construction" line can be somehow amended/changed to something else as it might be very difficult to see it on the map related to the background map used.

User-added image

Map: Single pixel black construction line creating a new region on the Street Pro background map. The region boarder at some place follows a road where you can't see it and differentiate from the background map feature.

The "construction" line is defined as a single pixel, black line used when drawing a new region or line/polyline object in a map window. These are hard-coded styles; not exposed to the end user to customize. 

The Style options are just assigned when the object is completed and then some amendments might must be done to the object according to the not good seen thin and black "construction" line creating a region, line or polyline.

Any change to the product would be a feature request (enhancement) and the customer should be encouraged to log or promote this in the Ideas Portal.
UPDATED:  October 25, 2017