How to remove french accents from a MapInfo Pro table

Product: MapInfo Pro™ 32 and 64 bit
It is possible to remove French accents from a MapInfo Pro™ table, using the "Search and Replace" tool available under TOOLS > Tool Manager (32bit version) or under HOME > Tools > Registered (64bit version).

If this tool is not present in the list, the corresponding .MBX file is present by defaut in:

C:\Program Files (x86)\MapInfo\Professional\Tools\SRCHREPL.MBX (32bit version)
C:\Program Files\MapInfo\Professional\Tools\SRCHREPL.MBX (64bit version)

Once the tool is loaded in MapInfo™ Pro, you can simply search a letter with accent and replace it by the same letter without accent.

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UPDATED:  December 10, 2019