How to compress data within a field in Conversion Plus, List Conversion, or Generalized Selection Plus

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It was asked if there was a way using Generalized Selection Plus (GSP) or  List Conversion Plus (LCP) to squeeze out blanks in a field.
Example: ‘ kar mal 01’ needs to become ‘karmal01’. 

GSP does not have a single parameter to do anything similar to that.

LCP has a parameter "COLNAM" that can collapse Surnames in a single field- 
"removes any apostrophes or blank spaces in the surname. Example: O’Malley becomes OMalley; or Van de Veer becomes VanDeVeer."  
But it is based on names that are found in the LCP names table.  Non-names like kar or mal would not be compressed, nor would numbers be. 

Possible solutions using these products might be setup, depending on the specific needs and data.  Something based on checking for spaces one position at a time, and when found moving all subsequent data in a field to the left one position.
UPDATED:  August 9, 2017