Is there a way to extend a large map in multiple pages of Layout in MapInfo Pro 64-bit?

Product Feature: Printing/Output/Layout
In 32-bit versions of MapInfo Pro, users could extend a large map over multiple pages like below:
User-added image

This functionality is no longer available in 64-bit versions of MapInfo Pro.
However, there are couple of workarounds available which might work for the user:

Option 1:
  1. Set the layout to use the MapInfo PDF printer. 
  2. Then set the layout to use a large (possibly custom) page size that is large enough to hold the whole map.
  3. Then print to PDF. 
  4. Once it is in PDF, print the PDF the smaller page size. 
Option 2:
Uses could also try to create a 2 page layout. 
  1. Add the map to the layout and overhang the map off the right side.
  2. Now on the second page, put a cloned copy of the map from page one. 
  3. But on page 2, put the remaining part of the map frame. 
Please note that this may not be an exact match if you position the map frames manually.
UPDATED:  November 21, 2018