Important How To when upgrading to Portrait Dialogue 6.1 Service Pack3

When installing or up[grading to Portrait Dialogue(PD) 6.1 Service Pack3
Support does not usually get involved in installations/upgrades.
One reason for this is that we cannot know the specifics of your configuration, how many servers, which database, etc, etc.  

It is always good to follow the instructions in the en_pd_server_upgrade_guide.pdf.

Start by unzipping the Portrait Dialogue file into a work folder, the InstallMenu.exe will be found in the first directory, \Portrait Dialogue\.

This article assumes you are now on PD 6.1.2, and not something earlier.  
From an earlier version, it will be necessary to run the database scripts incrementally.

Since HF 2 and HF3 are both full installs of the components, so you can skip the core install of Visual Dialogue and Dialogue Server in Portrait Dialogue
  1. If you are Upgrading on the same server, copy the C:\Program Files (x86)\PST\Million Handshakes\Dialog Server\mh.lic file to a safe place.
  2. Run database scripts v6_1_2_to_6_1_3chg_sqlserver.sql to update the system database present in the following path ( *\Portrait Dialogue\SQL\UpgradeScripts\6.1)
  3. Run Refresh System Database tool RefreshSystemData.exe present in the following path (*\Portrait Dialogue\SQL\SystemData)
  4. Unzip Hotfix 3 ( and run Run Portrait Dialogue Server Setup.exe 
  5. Check that the mh.lic file in the C:\Program Files (x86)\PST\Million Handshakes\Dialog Server directory is your original.  If not, replace it.
  6. Unzip Hotfix 2 ( and Run Portrait Visual Dialogue Setup.exe from \Portrait Software 6.1.3\Hotfix 2 ( (If you have already installed Visual Dialogue from the Portrait Dialogue package, then uninstall first, then reinstall HF2)
  7. Run InstallMenu.exe present in the following path ( \Portrait Software 6.1.3\Portrait Dialogue\Portrait Dialogue and install step 4 web applications
  8. Reboot the server
  9. Install client and check all connections from Portrait Admin (when installing the clients from the 6.1.3 Hotfix 2 ( setup file wherever it is required)
UPDATED:  April 11, 2017