How to generate unique container serial numbers using MailStream Plus

Product affected: MailStream Plus™, all versions, all platforms
Product Feature: Container Serial numbers

MailStream Plus(MSP) will generate serial numbers for containers/pallets when using the IMBCNT and IMBPLT parameters for a given Mailer ID.  IMBCNT is for trays and sacks.  IMBPLT is for pallets.  This example is using a 6-digit Mailer ID:
IMBCNT 123456    6
IMBPLT 123456    6
If you need to rerun a job and pick a serial number to start from, place that number in position 20 – 27 of the IMBCNT or position 20 – 31 of the IMBPLT. 
IMBCNT 123456    6 00000001
IMBPLT 123456    6 000000000001
Also in the DD MSRPXLG (z/OS), or <jobname>.xlg (Windows, UNIX/Linux) or prntxlg (IBMi), the next available serial number to use will be placed in the execution log to help keep track of these values:
MSMS00     I Next IMBCNT serial available for use: 469
MSMS00     I Next IMBPLT serial available for use: 21
** Note: If you place an N in position 29 of the IMBCNT or position 33 of the IMBPLT, MSP will use that starting serial number specified for the specific Mailer ID during the current run, and then will *not* save it in the MSETCI DB.  
So then the last serial number used without an N for that Mailer ID will still be in the MSETCI DB, and the next available number will be used for the next job.  Please remember to remove the N once the re-run job has been run or this will affect subsequent mailings with duplicate serial numbers.
UPDATED:  August 19, 2019