Troubleshooting License Server Utilities connection issues in MapInfo Professional

Product affected: Mapinfo Professional
Follow these steps to resolve License Server Utilities connection issues in MapInfo Pro™ (MIPro) application.

1. If a firewall is enabled in your office environment then there could be an activation problem between MapInfo Professional and the License Server Utility (LSU).  If the LSU is in a different Local Area Network (LAN) than where MIPro is running then the MIPro will not be able to connect to LSU to check out a license.

To resolve this issue modify the MILicServer.lic file.  The file MILicServer.lic is located in the same folder where the LSU is installed. IF the default installation was selected during installation the file will be in C:\Program Files (x86)\MapInfo\License Server

Open this file and define the port number for both Server and Vendor (in Server and in Vendor line), by default the port number for the Server is defined but not for the Vendor. After adding the port for Server and Vendor your top two lines should look like the below:
User-added image
N.B. These numbers are just examples, the IT department will need to makes sure no other process is listening on the ports specified. Ask your IT department to open these two ports on the firewall if necessary.
Once this is done, go to the Windows Services and restart the MapInfo License Server service.
Try activating MIPro from LSU and it should be able to do so.  In the unlikely event that this does not work proceed to point 2 

2.  Verify that on the machine, where MI Pro is running, the user is able to telnet to the LSU. Using telnet, users should be able to connect to both the LSU ports (Server and Vendor that you specified in the MILicServer.lic file). The command to check this is: Telnet <machine name> <port number>

e.g If the LSU is running on a machine called ServerM1 then the two telnet commands to check both ports will be:

             telnet ServerM1 27000     [this will test the Server Port]     
             telnet ServerM1 6789       [this will test the Vendor Port]

If telnet is not available on the user machine please contact PB support at and request Imdiag.exe utility.  Once you receive the file test the connection in the following way:
             lmdiag -c  portNumber@machineName   [lmdiag -c  27000@server1]

If it is able to connect to the port then the tool should give the message: This license can be checked out

If a user is able to telnet to both of these ports from the machine where MI Pro is running then MI Pro should be able to activate from the LSU machine.
If the user is able to telnet but MI Pro is still not able to activate then it is not a firewall issue but could be due to some other issue e.g. incorrect serial number entered or something else.

If a user is not able to telnet any of these two ports then it is a firewall issue.

3. If your IT department can confirm that the two ports are already open on the firewall do the following:

On the machine where the LSU is running, run the following command

            netstat -naob > portinfo.txt

Send the portInfo.txt file and MiLicServer.LIC file over to Pitney Bowes Software Technical Support (




UPDATED:  December 4, 2019