MapInfo Pro and support for Google imagery

MapInfo Pro 16.0 and later supports the new Service "WMTS" (Web Mapping Tile Service).
Via WMTS, MapInfo Pro users who have licensed Google Imagery can utilize this imagery, similar to the way
Bing Imagery is currently supported within Pro.

For details, pricing, etc., see this site:

What is the Google Imagery Sales program?

The Google Imagery Sales program allows you to purchase a license subscription to our aerial orthoimagery. With an active license subscription, you gain additional usage rights to create derivative works and conduct advanced analysis, such as measurement, change detection, and feature extraction.

We provide an imagery-as-a-service model in which you can purchase the imagery as an annual license subscription based on the square kilometers of your desired area. We deliver the imagery to you in Google Cloud Storage (GCS), where you can access it immediately in the cloud. The imagery includes both JPEG 2000 files and tile pyramid files—files that make up a web mercator pyramid of map tiles, which you can use to visualize the imagery as an overlay in Google Maps or any geospatial library or application that can handle standard z/x/y URL pattern tile calls.

You can stream the imagery into traditional GIS tools or custom JavaScript-based applications using web services such as OGC standard protocols (for example, WMS and WMTS) or the Google Maps API. Google can provide instructions on how to set up these web services, or one of our knowledgeable resale partners can set them up for you. You can also download the imagery from GCS to use in offline or on-premise systems and software

There is also a 3rd-party MapInfo Pro add-on called "MapperG" that allows users to utilize Google Imagery within Pro.

For supported versions of Pro, pricing, etc, see
UPDATED:  August 11, 2017