How to calculate the volume for a Lidar dataset in MapInfo Professional 16

Product affected: MapInfo Professional 16

Follow these steps to create the volume of a give Lidar area in MapInfo Pro™ application

1. Open a MapInfo Professional Advanced version
2. Select Raster TAB->Raster Operations->Volume 

Select the input file on which the volume needs to be run. The volume tool is used to calculate volume of a surface above or below a constant (horizontal) plane at a specific elevation. It can compute the volume between two rasters, or between one raster and a constant Z value. Computes the volume of raster between:

  • A constant plane
  • Two raster layers

User-added image

4. Select the desired volume units, the tool provides the flexibility to create an output file or display the results in Map Window.

5. If the desire is to produce storage volume for water, it is advisable to clip the area on which you need to run the volume operation.


UPDATED:  August 16, 2017