Troubleshooting DOC1GEN crashes in EngageOne Generate

Product Feature: DOC1GEN
Versions affected: All 5.x, 6.x
If the publication is crashing DOC1GEN in either preview or production there are certain methods that can be deployed to determine the cause.

1. Ensure the Trace option is enabled in your Ops file, as follows:


If production has crashed but some processing has occurred, this may point to where the failure is occurring.  If no processing has occurred, it will produce a trace file with 0 size, and will not contain any useful information.

2. Insert print messages into the application, one at publication level, and one at the beginning and end of each document.  When the crash occurs, this should pinpoint which of the customer datasets in the frame is causing the crash

3. Once the dataset causing the problem has been identified, cut down the data used at run time to the offending dataset, plus the two prior customer datasets, and the two following customer datasets.  If this cut down data file is small enough, it can be imported into Designer and preview may demonstrate the issue. 

4. In the document(s) in the design, insert bundles, and "hide" various parts of the logic by selecting "hide from editor and preview\publish".  If the production previews or runs to completion, then gradually "unhide" the content of the bundle to narrow down the problem area.

5. Check the data being used to ensure that it conforms to the expected order of data as outlined in the Global Record List in the data order tab of the data format.  For keyed data it is possible to export the data format schema, where the expected order of records will be detailed.

If all of these steps still do not provide sufficient information to resolve the issue, then report the matter to, and provide a copy of the snapshot, and if possible, the data causing the issue.

UPDATED:  August 4, 2020